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"Are You Dreaming?" Song Story

I started writing “Are You Dreaming?” in the summer of 2020. Along with everyone else in the world, I was processing a lot that year. In the midst of the isolation and silence, I think we were all sorting through our beliefs and convictions on things, evaluating our worldviews.

It was the varying responses to two main issues that sparked heated arguments: COVID-19 and racial inequality/injustice.

I was taken aback by the lack of compassion in the midst of the responses to these very human issues. Politicized spin lived in the cracks of every word spoken and unspoken. We all wanted to be right while people around us were dying.

It started to seem to me that the only explanation for this unbelievable lack of compassion toward those who were vulnerable was a state of unconsciousness or insanity. How else could we not care about the plight of the needy?

“Are you there? Are you dreaming?

Have you lost track of your mind?

Would you dare to believe in

All of humankind?”

We kept looking for the facts and for logic while people were losing their breath. We were exhausted by the constant plea for reform, change, and protection. But what would you do if you were in a vulnerable state? Maybe those who are in an oppressed position are just as exhausted by our defensive and offended posture?

“This is the air that I breathe


Thanks for the weighted words

Now I’m anticipating


Exhausted by your hurt”

At the end of the day, we all want to be comfortable. And when something or someone interrupts that, we get defensive. Other people’s beliefs and convictions instantly become a threat rather than the start of a conversation.

“Please stop interrupting

The way I want to live my life

Your faith is the destruction

Of all my liberties and rights”

I hope you enjoyed reading some of my thoughts behind "Are You Dreaming?" Thanks for reading and thanks for listening to my music.

--Ryan Nordstrom


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