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poems (#1)

This is the first in a series of blog posts containing poetry written by yours truly. My hope is that these posts will be a snapshot of beauty in your day. Though some of them may be more abstract than others, allow them all to speak with freedom. Take some time to inhabit the space that they provide. I also considered calling this series "Poetreats," but was advised by my editor (myself) that it might be a bit much.

this season of life

is coming to a close

Summer, dearest Friend

lets my hand go

time to face the Night

time to face the Cold

but I’ve saved the warmth of light

past is present as the hidden unfolds

134 days

now I’ve got my memory back

134 days

longer love and fewer facts

the sweet and the bitter

have joined hands

the spring and the winter

learn to dance

-Ryan Nordstrom

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