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Broken Lines - Song Story

“Broken Lines” is a song that I started writing as a sort of letter to my future self. So the beginning of the song is me talking to myself, saying hey you’re gonna regret the way you’re living right now.

You’re going to regret the choices you made.

You’re going to try to mend things but that chance is gone.

You’re going to come a place where the bottom drops out and you want to call your past self and apologize and try to do better, but you’ve already ruined everything.

There is no going back.

It has a double meaning as well because I also started writing this song shortly after breaking up with my girlfriend. It wasn’t the best relationship and because of it I started dealing with some heavy mental health issues. The relationship messed me up in a lot of ways and so a part of me wrote these verses about that situation.

The chorus brings it back to the inward reflection though. A statement about how this nightmare doesn’t have to come true. There is still time in the here and now to decide who I want to be. I can complain or I can get up and try to redefine the broken lines that have been made in the past.

The second verse continues this idea of taking responsibility for my own actions. It talks about how I can keep trying to put the blame on other people or things outside my control, but in the end, the choices I make are mine and affect my future circumstances. So did I do this to myself? Am I really the one to blame for many of the things in me that I don’t like?

Ultimately, this song captures the idea of the whole EP. Your future is in your hands, so make it count.


Someday you'll pick up that phone and call me

Say, "hey I'm sorry about all those stupid things"

But when you stop with all your empty talking

You'll only hear the line ring

I gave you countless chances to turn around and change

But you never came back so I changed the locks and walked away

Why don't you go find shelter with the friends you've made

Go sleep in the shade

In the filthy bed you've made

There's still time to decide

Am I the man that I always dreamt I'd be

To redefine broken lines

The future is everything we make it to be

I hope you know that I will never be the same

You stole a part of me that can never be replaced

But in the end I'm only talking to myself

Did I do this to myself? Did I do this to myself?

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