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Maybe - Song Story

“Maybe” is a song I started to write after hearing that my school was going to be closing after my junior year of college. I started to have a lot of questions about what school I was supposed to go to, if I should continue to pursue a career in worship ministry or pursue my own music, why something like this would even happen, etc.

As I wrestled with all of these things, I kind of realized that maybe there’s not a right choice and a wrong choice, but instead there’s just the choice we make and what we make of it. That’s how the song starts out, coming to this conclusion that things aren’t ever clear cut, but maybe that’s okay.

But in the middle section I’m like, yeah maybe all of that’s true, but that’s not stopping me from freaking out about what’s going on. The questions are still there and the situation is still real.

In the last verse I remember that my life isn’t going to be perfect anyway. No matter what I do, hard things are going to happen to me.

But when we realize that, I think that’s when we can finally be free to face life head on. Knowing that no matter what path we take, there will be good and evil both along the way. Learning to embrace that is the key, I think, to peace of mind. Life is a balance of good and evil. In between that there is a lot of beauty buried in mystery. And we have the freedom to find it.


Maybe there's no right or wrong

Maybe there is more than the songs

Maybe there's just what we do

And who we know

Yeah maybe, I'm just freaking out

I had more to learn than what I could doubt

Maybe I'm just someone else

Than who I thought that I should be

In the crowd I see

All the future faces I could wear

They all seem so confident, with haunting stares

But maybe I’m just someone else

Pretty pictures in your house

They’re coming down

Maybe I don’t have a right

To think that things will turn out fine

Maybe after all this time

I’m finally free

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